Where does the moon go?


This is a great book for toddlers and preschoolers who are curious about the moon. For fun, it includes a lot of silly ideas about where the moon might be when we can’t see it. But it also includes some simple information to explain how the moon really works! Both parents and children will appreciate the bright illustrations, attention to detail, and entertaining story. This is a book that can be read multiple times, and new details will be discovered with each reading. “Where Does The Moon Go?” is destined to be a new favorite in your repetoire!



Theo and Frank

theo1A wonderful book for young children who like garbage men, boats, and animals. (That’s pretty much all kids, right???) A great story of friendship and adventure, accented by bright illustrations.

available soon



friend1bAn all original 5×5 inch book with a sweet simple story. Illustrations are colorful reproductions of my original linoleum prints. Perfect for small children, animal lovers, and friends.┬áThis is a easy little gift to mail. Rave literary reviews are rolling in:

“Darling! So cute!” — My Mom

“I love it! I want one!” — My Friend


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